February 8, 2019

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A Small Minority of Trade Businesses are Ripping off older Australians and Aged Pensioners.

August 7, 2018

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Cockroaches: Where do they like to live?

June 13, 2018

Cockroaches. They live among us inside appliances, behind the fridge or scuttling around in piles of paper, inciting hatred and fear. High density living part of the problem, One of the most common household cockroaches is the German cockroach. What seems clear is that if you live in warm, moist and humid conditions you will have cockroaches either inside or outside your house. "German cockroaches are mainly around the apartment buildings because a lot of people make that fatal mistake of spraying them with fly sprays. "It spreads the cockroaches throughout the apartment, then they go next door because it's a shared party wall and the cockroaches will start nesting next door." Call a professional Invaderpest Technician to control these pests.

cleanliness is an issue

It is true that if there's more food lying around there'll probably be more cockroaches. 

Tips for managing cockroaches:

Keep food preparation areas clean and wipe up food spills quickly, Clean regularly underneath appliances, especially fridge, stove, toaster. Empty rubbish bin regularly. Don't leave pet food or scraps in pet bowls. Avoid dripping taps (cockroaches need water supply). Don't stack newspapers, magazines or cardboard boxes in the house. Cockroach baits use poison which cockroaches carry back to their nest. An INVADERPEST pest controller can help by using registered insecticides to control infestations, Repair holes, cracks or gaps in the walls, skirting boards and inside cupboards. 


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